a) Being a member of a “competition team”  is a responsibility ......  to  yourself....  your  team .....  your family .... your studio ....
The  Team  works hard and deserves  a high  place on your priority list.  From the day you become part of the Team until next seasons’
auditions  your priorities should be:
1. Family
Spiritual/Church Activities
3. School /Academics  (excludes electives such as cheer or HS dance teams)
4. Your Team  Responsibilities with PDC~CCB

If you cannot give this place to your team mates please do not audition for this responsibility. There are still only 24 hours in each day.
You simply cannot be in two places at the same time. This does not make you a “bad guy”, simply a “talented person” learning to budget time
while also considering others who depend on them.

b) Team members will be required to take the following weekly classes and attend all rehearsal and competitions
Required classes: Ballet   -  Jazz  -  Lyrical  - Stretch – Team Class
Rehearsal and Competition Schedules will be posted at PDC

c)  Attendance: “Come or Call” stating your reason for missing is required. Your responsibility is to blossom and succeed. Unfortunately, those
not meeting their responsibility
may be suspended so that others will not be held back.

d) Turning in your “Non-Availability” for a competition after  the competition schedule  is posted may indicate you are not giving priority
commitment to your team  responsibility.  Again the word “RESPONSIBILITY” will be with you always. Treat these experiences as a dress
rehearsal for life.

e) Deadlines will be final and it is  your responsibility to keep yourself informed.

f) The dress code to and from all competitions  will be strictly enforced.  If accepted into the competition team you will be required to show proof
of ownership of team uniform prior to enrollment into  class.  

g) Team fees apply  (Fees cover  Team Classes and Competition registration fees).

All the previously issued rules apply. Please request a copy of all information regarding membership in the competition teams. The logic
behind each rule is to protect and support your goals, and those of your team mates, and to always reach for higher standards.
I have read and understand the above.  If under 18 parent/guardian's  written consent required
Teams are open to serious dancers who will commit to a rigorous class and rehearsal schedule.
Starting September  1st Audition Classes will be held at PDC by the Competition Coach.  Skill and age will determine team placement.
For more information please  contact:  admin@coastcityballet.com
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Dancing is a discipline that  requires continuity,  it is a year round commitment
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