Young Choreographers' Showcase
makes you remember the dance long after the final  curtain.
The Young Choreographers' Workshop was created with such an importance in mind: to offer young choreographers
a forum to learn,  to create and to present their works.  An interactive program,  the YCW is designed  to inspire and
expose aspiring young choreographers to all aspects and complexity of choreography.  
The workshop culminates in a performance showcasing these talented  young choreographers  works.
"Rock Star"
Choreographer -  
Elizabeth, age 10    
"Wild Horses"
Choreographer -  
Drew age 12  
"Little House"
Choreographer -  
Christina, age 11  
"Makes me Happy"
Choreographer -  
McKenna, age
"Wait a Minute"
Choreographer -  
Denali, age 12   
"Concrete Angel"
Choreographer -  
Lauren age 14    
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"See you Again"
Choreographer -  
Elizabeth, age 11    
"You are Loved"
Lauren age 15  
"Don't Stop Believing"
Choreographer -  
Choreographer -  
Christina, age 12   
Lauren, age 15